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Parents Info

Where we run our classes

We run our training sessions at two locations:

  • Bromley – LSE College – Rookery Ln – BR2 8HE (free parking on the lower car park)
  • Shirley (on the edge with Beckenham) – Orchard Park High School – Orchard Way – CR0 7NJ (free parking)

Check Our classes page for more information on our training sessions days and times.

How to join our Club

Before joining Freedom RG, you will need to book a trial class with us – this will allow our coaches to assess your child experience and abilities to advise you what group and classes are most suitable for them.

After the trial, if you decide to join, you will need to read our policies and contract, sign our contract form (electronic version), pay for our Club membership (to be renewed each September) and deposit prior the first day of your child’s training session.

For insurance purpose, all gymnasts (either Recreational or Squad) must hold a valid British Gymnastics (BG) membership (separate from our club membership), which parents/guardians need to arrange for upon joining the Club. Gymnasts that do not hold a valid BG membership will not be able to join the training sessions. For more information on British Gymnastics membership visit Memberships (british-gymnastics.org).

What should my child wear for the training/trial?

  • Children should be appropriately dressed for their training:
    • Hair must be tied in a bun (especially if children have long hair)
    • Wear leotards with no loose or baggy clothes
    • Half shoes and socks
    • Not wear any jewellery (earring, necklaces, bracelets) – if children wear any type of jewelleries, coaches will request them to remove and put them in their bags.

The Club is not to be held responsible if any item is lost or misplaced.

For Squad members, parents/guardians are also required to purchase the Club’s uniform: more details can be requested by sending an email to the Club.

What should my child bring for the training?

We required that all children always have their gymnastics equipment and other props with them during the training, as we will not be able to supply them:

  • Apparatus: Rope, Hoop, Ball, Ribbon (only for Recreational Beginners, Aspire, and all Squads) and Clubs (only for Squad groups)
  • Water bottle (filled with still water only) – juices, smoothies and food are not allowed in the gym

Children should make sure that they collect all of their belongings before leaving the Sports Hall. The Club is not to be held responsible if any item is lost or misplaced.

Can parents/guardians watch the training sessions?

Parents/guardians are not allowed to stay inside the Sports Hall to watch regular training sessions. This is to allow coaches to run classes smoothly and to avoid children being distracted during the lessons.

Are there any classes during half term?

Our Club run classes for their Squad groups (Development, Bronze, Silver and Elite) throughout the year, whereas for Recreational groups (Baby and Beginners) only during term-time.

We take breaks during Christmas holiday, Easter weekend (Good Friday through Easter Monday), Summer School holidays (typically last week of July until early September). For more information about dates, please visit our “Our classes” page.

Are there any classes on bank holidays?

Our Club do not run classes during bank holidays.

Can I swap classes in case I miss one?

Due to logistics organisation, the Clubs is not able to offer different or additional classes to those gymnasts that miss their scheduled sessions. The Club will not be able to refund or credit any fees if the gymnast misses a class or choose to stop attending.

What happen in case of class cancellation?

In case a class is cancelled, our Club will promptly send an email to all members to inform them about the class cancellation and offer an alternative class to attend. Although we try our best to find suitable alternative days, due to logistics organisation of our group classes, we cannot offer multiple or different days other than the one proposed. We won’t be able to provide a refund for the offered alternative training class in case your child will not attend it.

What kind of apparatuses are required?

For Recreational groups, apparatuses can be bought in any sports shops, either online or on the high street.

For Squad groups, we recommend to buy the apparatuses in professional gymnastics shops that can sell different brands like Pastorelli, Sasaki, Chacott, or Venturelli.

Ball (size may vary depends on age and child):

  • For 4-5 y.o. – 15 cm diameter (beginners)
  • For 6-8 y.o. – 16 cm diameter for beginners or 18 cm diameter for advanced gymnasts
  • For 8-12 y.o. – 18 cm diameter
  • For Junior gymnasts – 18 cm diameter
  • For Senior Gymnasts – 18-20 cm diameter

Hoop: the actual diameter can be calculated by measuring the length from the hip to the floor.

For Recreational groups and beginners we recommend to have slightly smaller size and light build to enable them to get familiar with this apparatus.

Hoops can also be taped to create more creative patterns that can fit the gymnast’s leotard.

Rope: the actual length should be calculated by putting on the floor the rope open out, stand your child in the centre of the rope, and pull rope up to armpits. The rope should be knotted (tightly), and then cut to length (to armpits). To seal the cut ends, and burnt to seal it: this will stop the rope from fraying or unravelling.

Ribbon (size varies depending on gymnast’s age and height):

  • Beginner gymnasts and those under 12 years old, use 4m length and should have a children’s stick, which are shorter in length and proportional to the ribbon. 
  • ​For Pre-Junior / Junior gymnast (over 12 y.o.), the correct length of a ribbon is 5 metres and the stick should be 50 cm.
  • For Senior gymnasts, the correct length of a ribbon is 6 metres and the stick should be 50-60 cm.

Clubs (size varies depending on gymnast’s arm lenght):

The appropriate length is measured from the extended tip of the middle finger up to the gymnast’s mid-bicep on the extend arm.

  • Senior gymnasts: 44-45 cm
  • Junior gymnasts can use clubs in their largest size (as in Senior category) or they can use use ones that are 40-41 cm  

What is your safety policy on Covid 19?

Our Club follows the Government guidelines and British Gymnastics guidelines about Covid 19.

  • If any of our gymnasts show symptoms of Covid 19, parents/guardians should promptly notify the Club by sending an email to info@freedomrg.co.uk
  • All of our gymnasts must have their own equipment, yoga mat and water bottle. If the club requires to provide a spare apparatus, that apparatus will be cleaned after its use
  • Coaches are instructed to maintain social distancing in line with the Government guidelines and British Gymnastics
  • All children are encouraged to wash their hands regularly: please ensure that your child has been to the toilet and thoroughly washed their hands before joining the training session and after leaving the gym
  • When parents/guardians are dropping off or collecting their children, they should maintain social distancing wherever possible
  • Whilst in the Sports Halls we run our classes it is not required to wear a face mask, this guideline may change depending on the Sports Hall’s management: if this would happen, we will promptly communicate with all parents/guardians through our usual communications channels

This safety policy may be updated depending on changes applied by the Government on Covid 19 guidelines.